Daily Prayer


Growing up, every January, our pastor gave us a flow chart to help us pray. It was called “Mechanics of One Hour Prayer”. I modified a few years ago to reflect the Lord’s Prayer which is Matthew 6. Hopefully, you can read this.

Daily Prayer

 Using this system has helped me in several ways:

  • It helped me to focus on others and their needs.
  • It is a gentle reminder of those things we should be praying for daily (our church, our pastor, our president, etc.)
  • In times when prayer is not easy, this helps me to stay focused.
  • It is a reminder to worship!  I love looking up and reading the scriptures on worship.

If the graphic is “running” off the page, double click on it and it will open in a browser. 


3 thoughts on “Daily Prayer

  1. judydean

    I can’t really read the scripture references. I tried to print this out hoping I could read them, but that didn’t help either…too small.

  2. cbgrace

    Well, I plan to hand this out to our PromiseGroup when we do our prayer study. In fact, I would like to print it on cardstock and laminate it, if possible. Maybe you could either help me with this or we could do it together.

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