Friendship 3


I know, I can’t believe I am still on this subject.  This past weekend, we met two really nice couples.  They seem like cool people.  I am so not cool sometimes.  (The fact that I would blog this only confirms it)  When we met them, I said, “Oh, we’ve been looking for new friends”.  My husband tells me later, “You haven’t done this in a while have you?”   Truthfully, I am just a very transparent person.  I didn’t do well dating because I was never very good at masking my feelings.  It’s a miracle I managed to get married.  Seriously, lots of prayer went into it.

 So I was thinking about my desperate measure to meet new people and become friends.  Why?  Well, I was thinking back to one of my favorite times in life.  My best friend at the time was Charlie.  There were five or six of us who hung out together all the time.  We spent hours at Austin Java (on Lamar) eating roasted chicken soup or out at Mozarts on the Lake.  We talked God.  We were all so excited about what God was doing.  We were thankful every little thing and we had to share what God had done in our life that day or what He had spoken to us.  We also prayed together.  It was God-centered soulmates. 

 It’s why I married Dennis…because we are so excited about what God has done and what He is doing.   We are excited about sharing the message of Jesus Christ.  We want to help people find Him.  We want to see the lightbulb go off in people’s eyes when they “get God”.  That is one of the most exciting moments to me.

That’s what I’ve been missing…those soulmate friends who have the God connection.  Those friends who can sit for hours and discuss what God is doing and their purpose. It’s motivating to be around people who know who they are in Christ and where they are going. 

I know we have met some people who have the “God connection”.  It’s just weird at first…everyone just shows the surface.  It takes time for some people to bear their soul.  So now it is just a matter of finding the time.


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