Street names


I’ve been reading this book “O Jerusalem” (it’s good) .  I found it interesting, the street names and building/business names are pretty interesting.  There is (or was at the time) a street named “Prophet Samuel”.  I was thinking what if the directions to your house included “Get on the Prophet Samuel freeway and exit on King Solomon and take a right”.  You would think it would be harder to forget your heritage but in context of our culture, do our kids really know much about Martin Luther King Jr. (almost every city in the US has an MLK Street/Ave.)?


2 thoughts on “Street names

  1. lorawilliams08

    I think it’s very important to teach our kids about the forerunners. Biblical and the ones we were taught or not taught. I think history is great and it’s a lot of history that is not being taught in full detail.

  2. About your question, I think it depends on the child, where he or she lives, how old the child is, and so forth. Here in the South, I can’t imagine a child not knowing what Dr. King was and what he did; however, I don’t think many of them care or appreciate it. They take many, many privileges and changes for granted.

    About the Biblical history, I’m amazed at what I learn every week. Really. You’d think that after being a lifetime Christian that I’d know a little more than about Daniel and the lion’s den or Joseph and his coat of many colors. Actully, I do a little more than that, but you understand what I’m saying, right?

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