I’ve been tagged


Inky tagged me.  I don’t really know Inky except through reading her blog.  This should be fun.  This means I list ten random things about myself and then tag five others.

1. I just turned in the manuscript for my first book.  Turned it in this week.  It is about Corporate (in a group) Intercessory Prayer.

2. I come off as serious most of the time but I can be very silly…ask my husband.

3. Right now, I am working as an Instructional Designer (write and edit training material for an international company).

4. In my free time, I enjoy watching crime/mystery type shows…like CSI (the Original), Law and Order: Criminal Intent and my new favorite is Bones. 

5. I just got married this year – 07/07/07 and my husband is a few years younger than me.  (I always said I would marry someone younger than me).

6. Sometimes I like to listen to “old country” music…not the new stuff.  I guess I can’t help it since I was raised in Texas.  My husband cringes at the thought of country music, he is rock and roll all the way.  I know this isnt’ really related to me but he has written some great worship songs. 

7. I love coffee.  My favs are either the Carmel Machiatto at Starbucks or my new fav is the Raspberry Kiss from Seattle’s Best.

8. In addition to the recently completed book I would like to write a book on leadership principles, at least one fiction novel, and a cookbook.

9. I was published in a Southern Living cookbook a few years ago.  They asked for cooking tips from their readers.  My cooking tip was to make homemade cookies, get a cookie sheet, line it with wax paper (or parchment paper) place cookie sized scoops on the wax paper and freeze.  Once frozen transfer the scoops into a plastic bag and return to the freezer.  The next time you are in the mood for homemade cookies (or someone drops by unexpectedly), just take out  a few and bake them.  They paid me $49. and gave me a free copy of the book.  It was good book too.  It was a reference book; any cooking term you can think of is in that book.

10.  I enjoy traveling (traveled for 3 years with two different jobs) but I have not left the US except for going to Mexico (not a stretch since we live in Texas).  I really want to visit Australia, New Zealand and most of all Brazil.

I am going to tag Judy, Lora, Carolyn, and I’ll have to think of two more…


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