On Money


So this week our pastor preached about money.  I know…don’t we all dread those sermons just a little  (Sorry Pastor).  He wasn’t asking for money.  He challenged us to change our core thoughts about money from,  “This tithe is ‘God’s Money’ and everything else is ‘my money'” to “It is all ‘God’s Money'”. 

Later, I was discussing this with Dennis (who was working on Saturday so missed the sermon).  I said you know, it’s our money until we need some then we are praying and saying it’s God’s money.   Dennis said the way I put it was a little harsh.  It’s true.  When we have plenty, we earned it and it’s ours.  When we have a need it’s all God’s money and we ask Him for more.

At the end of the message the challenge was for one week to track our spending and pray about how we are spending “God’s money”.  It’s all His, He just allows us keep some. 

 My fear with this challenge is that God is going to tell me to discontinue my frequent visits to Starbucks.  That would be tragic.  😀  The thought occurs to me that Starbucks used to be a treat.  Kind of like eating dessert.  When I was growing up, if mom made dessert it was a big treat.  Now we go out to eat and buy a five dollar piece of cake.  It is all very self-indulgent.  And we wonder why we need to join the “Biggest Loser” website.  (When did I gain these 15 lbs?? And that is on top of the 20 I already needed to loose).

Pastor Robin made a good point…He said when a church has a large budget the people want accountability.  They want to know the church is spending the money wisely because it is “God’s money”.  Even with the pastor’s salary, they want to know the pastor isn’t doing anything with “God’s money” that is unethical or immoral.  But when it comes to the money God has placed in our care, we rarely ask, “What does God want me to do with this money?”

So am I taking the challenge?  Well, luckily my bank tracks all my spending.  I have noticed that we eat out more than we should and we spend alot of money at HEB (grocery store).  I’m not sure but the food budget should probably not exceed the gas budget at this point.  I guess it’s time for me to join “The Biggest Loser” website because some other things in my life need to be tracked too. 


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