Greatest Peril


“The Greatest peril in America is prayerlessness behind pulpits”

-Bishop Tudor Bismark


2 thoughts on “Greatest Peril

  1. Catalyst

    Recently I attended a conference here in California and Tudor Bismark was one of the speakers. I agreed with much of what he said about the church needing to wake up and get in “order” for the next 20 years. A friend of mine made the comment that Jesus is about to come any day now! Wow if that were to really happen I think (we)the people of God would be seriously in trouble.
    When Tudor finished his talk, which although with great enthusiasm did not tell me anything I didn’t already know, asked the young single people 25 & under to come for prayer. While the idea was a blessing, I was very disappointed in his prayer for this group. One of the things he prayed was for them to marry the right person and be prosperous and while this may sound good it is a half truth. Yes marry the right person, I did Praise God! Be prosperous yes of course, we are but not according to world standards. My first prayer for these young people would have been that they seek with great passion the person of Jesus and all else will come. Jesus told Martha, Mary has chosen to do the best “thing” and that will not be taken from her. What is the one thing we should be doing? Looking to marry someone with money, so we can glorify God with our prosperity? I don’t think so. This prosperity issue has gotten way out of hand. Are we an idolatrous church seeking what the world wants or are we like Mary seeking to trust and listen to our Savior. God offers nothing outside of, or apart from, Christ, and makes no provision that is not somehow connected with, or passing through, Christ. He offers nothing in addition to Christ, but ensures that all the riches and spiritual blessings are only to be found in Him (cf. Eph. 1:3). He offers nothing less than Christ, since even the greatest things about Him pale in comparison to the Person Himself. We are in grave peril as a people of God to seek that which is of the world first and not Him and we shall have all.

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