You can’t say the “s” word



 This reminded me of something that happened recently. It happened twice so I might blend the stories.  Basically, Trent and Kim and the boys came for dinner.  Their boys are Grant, 2, and Carson, 5.  Trent was telling me some story.  And I said, “That is stupid”.    I wasn’t calling a person “stupid” but some situation.  Carson told me, “You said the “s” word”.  Naturally, I was a little confused.  I didn’t say the “s” word…I don’t use that word.  Kim saw my confusion and said the “s” word is “stupid”.  I know when I have kids I’ll be more sensitive to my language…well, I sure hope I am.  I just have to remember that the “s” word to a 5 year old is different than the “s” word to an adult.   I may have to make up some words to avoid using the “s” word.


One thought on “You can’t say the “s” word

  1. Sorry to keep commenting, but I keep seeing things I want to comment about.

    I have a 6 year old and the “S” word in our house is stupid. We NEVER say stupid.

    Once, in public, my son complained loudly that his sister said the “S” word. People looked, so I quickly said to his sister- Please don’t say STUPID, it is naughty!


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