Zecharia 9:11-12


 “ As for you also,
      Because of the blood of your covenant,
      I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit. 
Return to the stronghold,
      You prisoners of hope.
      Even today I declare
      That I will restore double to you.
Zechariah 9:11-12

 What do you think?  I’ve been meditating on this scripture. 

“Because of the  blood of your covenant”  What blood?  God knows I didn’t shed any blood.  The blood of the covenant that I have with God is the blood Jesus shed at Calvary.  (Thank You, Jesus! that You were willing to shed blood for a covenant that I wasn’t even aware of at the time).

He will rescue us from a waterless pit.  I always think of water as representing the Holy Spirit.  On several occasions I’ve had dreams with water in them and it always represented going deeper with God; swimming in His Spirit.  So here there are people in a waterless pit which speaks to me of the state of many churches today; Spiritless (not my church of course).  Bbecause of covenant, He is will rescue us and set us free.

 Then He tells us to return to our stronghold; the stronghold is the place of safety.  There was a season in my life when I worked on the same street that my church was on.  So during my lunch hour, I would spend 45 minutes or so praying or I would drop by after work and pray for an hour or so.  That prayer garden was my place of safety and comfort.   I realize it wasn’t so much the prayer garden itself as the relationship I was cultivating with God.  I ran to Him for everything, every need, every emotion, everything.  He had captured my heart.  As seasons change, I no longer worked just down the street.  More effort had to be put into finding that place of strength and safety.

 Now it’s time once again to seek that place of safety…to strengthen the relationship.  Oh how my soul longs for that prayer garden.

The beautiful part about it is, when I follow His leading, He will restore the relationship and when He restores, He restores double.  He doesn’t just restore…He blesses.  The closeness I feel that I have lost will be restored double what it once was.  He is so good to us.


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