What to get my Nephews for Christmas


SamThis is Sam.  He could be described as a energetic 2 year old.  My sister says she her challenge is getting him to adulthood without him becoming a redneck.  He LOVES motorcycles which he calls “cyclebikes” and basically anything with wheels. 

 EvanThis is Evan.  His he is equally energetic and LOVES anything musical.  He is 4 years old.  He has a full drum set and he keeps a pretty good beat.  He often comes over and has band practice with my husband (who plays guitar and keyboard). 

 So my big dilemma…what to get them for Christmas.  I would like to find something they will enjoy and cherish rather than something they will outgrow or only play with for a few hours and then be on to something else…  Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “What to get my Nephews for Christmas

  1. Okay, I think it would be okay to post on here what I got the boys for Christmas…they are too young to read. Shoes. Okay, I did get them shoes but I also got them toys (of course). Evan is getting a microphone on a stand that will applause and I think play some songs. Sam is getting drums. Hey my sister said he wanted drums…I’m not that mean. I’ll let y’all know if the gifts were a hit.

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