Ah, Christmas…and other Random Thoughts


So I woke up this morning with this Christmas song in my head.  I really do not even know the words or the title…some of the words are “Baby, it’s cold outside….I really must go…Baby please stay…”  Hideous!!!  So then I tell Dennis (waking him up), “Baby it’s cold outside”  (which by the way…it is so NOT cold, in fact I wish it would chill out a bit here).  So he is getting ready to go and he is singing, “Baby, it’s cold outside…”  He doesn’t know the word to the song either.  He says, “Why did you get this song in my head???” 

Isn’t that just the way it is sometimes…someone else gets something into our heads?  It’s irritating too.  I don’t know the words.  This song isn’t even one a Christmas song I like.  (humorously enough, Dennis told the the other night there are 2 Christmas songs he things are “slutty”…this one and “Santa Baby”..it’s kind true). 

How am I going to get this freaky song out of my head?  Okay…I guess I am going to have to listen to some Third Day.

Speaking of Third Day, I was telling Dennis the other day, we should start a band called 3rd Day (use the number instead of spelling it out) and we should record an album “Offerings 3”.  I think it would be a best seller….a little deceptive but a best seller.

See how my brain works just flowing from one thing to another without ever slowing down…


5 thoughts on “Ah, Christmas…and other Random Thoughts

  1. Hey Sis. never turn a song off like that in the middle of it. You never CAN get it out of your head. In fact, I just got out of my truck and that song was playing. As I was reading this entry, that very song was going through my mind. That’s freaky! I have a better reason though, it’s 30-some degrees here in Mich. You were right put some Third Day on or one of my new favorites Newsboys “Go”. There are some awesome songs with good lyrics! Pastor RDM

  2. CDs I have in my office right now…
    Third Day – Offerings I and II
    Newsboys – He Reigns (one of my all time favorite songs – Strong Tower)
    Mercy Me -Coming up to Breathe (I didnt’ love this CD as much as I thought I would)
    Casting Crown – Lifesong
    The Bible on CD – Acts and Romans
    A sermon CD – Jonathan Suber (www.suberministrygroup.com)
    and a CD called iPromise (an abstence program we were looking at for our youth – the Master commission at Promiseland http://www.promiselandchurch.net developed it…it is excellent).

  3. Gee, I must have bad Christmas music taste. I love Santa Baby and Baby it’s cold outside (but I agree, it is a bit slutty). I have a thing for Christmas music, though. Hubby made me a Christmas CD with over 1,000 songs on it. It’s not cold here either – mid 70s today and nearly 80 tomorrow. No chance of snow in Florida this month….

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