How to be Cool when ordering coffee…Impressing the neighbors


A brand spanking new CoffeeBucks (if you ever watch Scrubs) just opened down the street.  Today is their grand opening if you happen to live in Kyle, Texas.  To those of you who aren’t familiar, Kyle is relatively small.  We just got our first real grocery store a few months ago.  We are LOVING having CoffeeBucks in the neighborhood.  This also means, there is a good chance that we will run into people we know…so fix that hair and slap on some makeup before you head out.

 This morning I ran into our friend Michelle (Hi, Michelle – if you are reading this) who we go to church and small group with.  So I was ordering my fat free carmel machiatto (it’s not really fat free, the carmal has fat in it too).   So in order to be cool I say, “I’ll take the grande, non-fat carmel machiatta”.  That just sounds so cool…like I know what I’m talking about.  I’m not really this cool.  I’m not even sure Michelle thought it was cool but I was trying.  A few days ago, I was at the CoffeeBuck in our building…well it’s not official, it serves CoffeeBuck’s (I’m starting to like calling it that) coffee.  I ordered a Toffee Nut Latte with skim milk and the guy who makes the coffees corrected me by saying “Non-fat?”.  😀  “Yep – I’d like to eat a donut with my coffee so I better get the fat free version”.  I already knew the coffee people call it “non-fat” but I choose not to exercise the proper ordering procedure/language.  I guess I thought I would try being “cool” and fitting in with the CoffeeBucks people today…or I was just trying to impress my neighbor.

The thought of trying to be cool reminds me of a line from the movie, “Bringing Down the House” (Steve Martin and Queen Latifa).  Steve Martin’s friend likes Queen Latifa and he says, “Tell her the cool points are out the window and I’m all tied up in the game”.  This line always makes me laugh…especially since the guy who says it is this Jewish guy who you wouldn’t expect to say anything so not proper.  When we first saw the movie we said, “What?  What does that mean?”  It’s nice to know someone likes you so much that the cool points are out the window…they are no longer able to “be cool”, they just like you, game over.

All of this makes me wonder, at what point do we stop trying to be “cool”?  I have friends with kids who are worried about their one year old being dressed “cool” (what’s cool when you’re one?  Elmo – apparently not Elmo, maybe something Janie and Jack) .  It never stops.  If this is something you worry about and work at then you always will…

I want my house to look like Pottery Barn but I’m not that tidy.   I still haven’t even started sending out my Christmas cards (although I did purchase them).  I think Martha Steward had great ideas but who has the time to hand make their wrapping paper??   

 What I am thinking is there is too much pressure to be cool.  The really cool people are the ones who don’t try and who don’t care.  So I guess that means, I’m not very cool and probably never will be.  There is something slightly freeing in that.


7 thoughts on “How to be Cool when ordering coffee…Impressing the neighbors

  1. Yep, I want a pottery barn house, too. HOw cool would that be? But, reality is 1, I can’t afford Pottery Barn furniture or accessories 2, I have 2 kids and 3, I need to keep things in perspective. Every so often I have to remind myself to be happy for what I’ve have, NOT sad for what I don’t have.

    But seriously, the coffee house can be intemidating… Who doesn’t want to properly order a “Half Caf, no fat, caramel machiatto.

  2. I like Pottery Barn stuff too, but with two kids and one a few weeks away, there is no way to afford their stuff. This leads me to our wrapping paper… the tried and true funny pages of the newspaper. Easy to make, easy to use and if you save them over the year (or less) you have plenty to go ’round.

    On a side note, a couple weeks ago, I happend to catch Andy Rooney’s segment on 60 minutes. He had over 30 Thanksgiving ads on his desk.. He had gone through them all and NO WHERE in the ads were the words Merry Christmas.

    Likewise, last night I heard on the news, that in Michigan, the legislature there was debating changing the name of the Holiday Tree, back to the Christmas Tree, but they expected the measure to fail because the majority leader was oppsed to the idea. What a scrooge!

    CB.. I have only been reading your blog a few days, but Iwil be adding you to my roll as soon as I have a few minutes.

    I challenge everyone to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to at least 3 people a day from now until the holiday.

  3. I realized I was no longer cool when I told my students they looked liked idiots while they wear their pants 78 sizes too big, hang them below their butts and purchase shirts the size of muu muus. And you know what? I’m OK not being cool.

  4. I still mess up ordering my “coffee bucks”. For the life of me, I can’t ever remember their fancy terms for sm. med. and lg. Have you had their egg nog latte, or peppermint mocha…awesome. I have an extra shot of espresso added to mine to give it that extra zip. My church has grounded me from having the extra shot on Sundays…I get a little wound up during worship 🙂

  5. Anne Griffith

    I tell my son he looks handsome sometimes and he corrects me and says, “No mom, I look cool.” He is THREE. This weekend, while Christmas shopping, I said to the Lord, “I really just want my car fixed for Christmas.” It was a passing thought, remark, not sown with tears or travailing. A brother and sister in the Lord came to me on Sunday and offered, no, insisted upon paying to have my car fixed as they heard it twittering the other night. I was without cool. I was humbled and awed. Humbled because I saw how high this couple is elevated by our Lord and awed by how small they are and how big He is in them. He moves in them and through them with total liberty. God makes us cool.

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