Dealing with little people


I’ve often questioned if I’ll be a good mom.  This may sound terrible but I honestly think every parent screws their kids up somehow.  Seriously, no matter how great of a parent you are there will be something you do that your kids will come back and say messed them up.  My parents are wonderful people but I have some issues.  😀  

Since I have been thinking about the whole kiddo thing, I make a point to spend time with my nephews.  My sister called yesterday evening and asked if Evan could say with me for a few hours.  I was still at work.  I work about an hour from where we live so I knew I couldn’t pick him up in 20 minutes.  So she worked it out that he would stay at the neighbors and I would pick him up from there. 

Admittedly, I was a little tired and really hungry by the time I picked him up.  On our way to the house, we argued.  He told me I was taking him over to his friends house and I said “no”.  Have you ever argued with a 4 year old.  It’s like arguing with someone who is drunk…you shouldn’t do it…they can’t reasoned with.  When I realize that I am arguing and that I am the adult driving the vehicle, I stop arguing with him.  He then insisted that Nana and Pappa would take him to his friends house. (Keeping in mind, it’s already 7:45

Later, we are making cookies – the roll out kind.  Naturally, he is picking his nose because 1. He’s 4 and 2. His nose has been runny.  So we wash his hands multiple times.   He first cries and says the water is hot…it was ice cold.  (fearful) and then he gets very upset with me because his sleeve got wet.  I tell him it will dry.  He’s not really crying, he’s just squinching his face up really tight and whining.  So I tell him to stop.  (* this works on the other nephew…we say “stop whining” and he usually does).  He then tells me that he’s not going to come to my house any more.  To which I tell him, “okay”.  (Later when mom came to pick him up, I told her and she made him apologize – we wouldn’t want to mess up the free babysitting plan we have worked out). 

While the cookies are baking, we watch Veggie Tales…one about Dr. Jiggles and Mr. Slide.  Gotta love the Veggies.

After the cookies are baked and cooled.  Dennis arrives home.  Evan LOVES Dennis.  “Dennis, play with me”.  Dennis is hungry and wants to eat dinner.  Which I lovingly take out of the freezer and heat up.   😀  Hey, I am an excellent cook but some days, he’s happy to get the Beritelli (sp?? – It’s pretty good pasta product in the freezer section).

At this point, Evan realizes that the cookies are ready.  So he asks for one.  I told him to hang on…I am cooking and trying to talk to Dennis.  So he commences with the repeating “I want a cookie.  please, please, please”.  The repeating thing is a new development with him.  I can understand now my mom saying, “If you ask me one more time then you get nothing”.  (those may not have been her exact words).  I tell him to go sit down at the table and I’ll get him one.  So I sugar him all up (hey, I gave him milk too) right before my sister arrives to pick him up.  I try to be consistent with the sugaring him up plan.  😀

He did apologize for telling me he wouldn’t come over any more.  Next time, I may have to say “Promise?”.

A couple of month ago I had both Sam and Evan over.  They were jumping on the sofa (yes, I allow this).  And Sam was pulling on Evan.   Evan is bigger than Sam and if he ever realizes that he can throw his weight around we may be in trouble.  Evan is a very kindhearted child (not including the time he threatened me with not coming back over).  Evan says, “Sam, please stop pulling me”.  He asked Sam a couple of times.  Finally, he says, “Gracie, Sam won’t stop pulling me”.  So I tell him, “Well, push him off of you”.  Several minutes later, Sam says (in his darling 2 year old way), “Gracie, Evan pushed me”.  I said, “What where you doing to him?” to which he replies, “Pulling him”.  “Well, stop pulling him.”

These stories remind me of the time I ran away from home.  I was 4 or 5.  My Mam-maw(mom’s mom) would give me her old purses.  Big ole purse for a 4 or 5.  year old.  I was upset with my mom about something.  Mom and I spent alot of time together; basically 24/7.  I’m not sure I could do what my mom did.  I think I would have told my dad,  you’re keeping these kids and I’m going to the mall…even if it is to just walk around for 3 hours child free.  But my mom is definately a trooper.  I was upset with her about something and told her that I was going to run away.  She helped me pack my purse (nothing useful, just toys) and she held the front door open for me and waved bye.  In my mind I walked down the street to the corner but she said I only walked to the curb.  I wasn’t allowed to cross the street by myself so that was about as far as I could go.  I remember sitting on the curb and if a 5 year old can think “I’ll show her” then that is probably what I was thinking.  I went back inside when I got hungry and asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Which was my favorite…I still like a good PBJ (with grape jelly).

 I think I see a trend in parenting style…it looks like I may become my mom after all.

Little people scare me just a little.  It’s a lot of responsibility.  How do you teach them things like loyalty and love?  Mercy and grace?  Integrity?  Balance? 


3 thoughts on “Dealing with little people

  1. After reading the title I gave this one I thought maybe I should have a “Dealing with Little People Part 2” and it could be about dealing with people with little minds (small mindedness). 😀 I laughted when I thought about it.

  2. Mainly it’s a mixture of bribery, threats, patience and a lot of love 😉 I have 4….heh.

    And grace, indeed. I like to say, I thought I was pretty good when I was single, found out I was less than perfect when married, then realised what an absolute ratbag I was once I had kids.

    Two things seem certain, one is that they turn your life upside down, and the other is that you’d not have it any other way (well, sometimes at 3am…) 🙂

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