Coffeebucks Update


Before Christmas, I purchased three Coffeebuck’s gift cards.  One for my mom for her Birthday.  One for my sister Judy because she does some work for me that has been an enormous blessing to us.  And one for a dirty Santa party with the family (my aunts, uncles, cousins and many children had a Christmas party; ate enchiladas and hung out – it was great seeing everyone). 

Judy has given up hinting about what she would like to receive gift wise.  She told Jen (other sister) and I outright that Coffeebucks gift cards would be welcome.  And how convenient since they just opened one within a mile of where we live.  So I gave Judy her gift card before Christmas.  She immediately (slight exaggeration) sent her husband to pick up some coffee.  The card didn’t work (yes, they still bought the coffee – that’s the hook of the Coffeebucks gift card; they get you hooked on the “gift coffee” and then you are spending $25 a week there.).  So she let me know.  I sent Coffeebucks an email and called the store.  I had to return with the card and my receipt… basically inconvenience to have to go to Coffeebucks.  So I gathered up the cards and on our next visit (3 days later) I turned them all over.  It turns out it wasn’t that the card wasn’t set up correctly, it just wouldn’t scan (you would think they would have figured this out with my sister and just given her a new card).  So they gave me a complimentary coffee for my trouble (just like drug dealers giving out freebies).

Since I was on the Coffeebucks website that day, I also sent them an email about two other visits to Coffeebucks.  One of my favorite drinks is the Carmel Machiatto.  It is suppose to have alot of foam and carmel on top of that.  When made correctly the effect is the first few sips will be kind of bitter but by the time you get to the bottom of the drink, it is very sweet (I usually do not drink the really, really sweet part).  I enjoy the effect of bitter followed by the sweetness of the carmel.  I know this is how the drink is suppose to be made.  I’ve ordered these all over United States (by the way, the stores in New York City make some of the best Machiattos)  Two stores I visit on a regular basis (one has a drive thru and one is across the street from my office) make the drink more of a latte with carmel in it.   In a recent visit to the store on Slaughter Lane, I had a perfectly made machiatto, I think the manager made it.  So I sent an email that said (in a nice way) that they may want to train their employees at these two stores because the drink is turning out wrong.  They sent me a nice email back.

This weekend, we visited the new local store.  And I used one of the gift cards I received for Christmas (I didn’t specifically ask for them but really appreciate them).  When we left, Dennis said he would give me his card since I had to use mine this time.  We stopped to pick up the mail.  And I had an letter from Coffeebucks.  It was very nice and included two complimentary drink certificates. (Dennis gets to keep his gift card)

I have to say, that is good service for an International company. This morning on the way to work I stopped in at the drive thru in town and ordered a non-fat grande Carmel Machiatta (extra hot – it turns out maybe I should be ordering my coffee extra hot since I like hot coffee and it usually cools off after 10 minutes).  The drink was perfect; it was hot and foamy with that bitter-sweet effect. 

At least I feel like I was heard. 

Of course it is all a part of their diabolical (no one uses that word any more) plan to take over the world (Pinky and the Brain).  You can see I have a love-hate (well more of scared) relationship with Coffeebucks.   I also visit a local place called Java Company and sometimes the national “Best” coffee shop (they have great drink named Raspberry Mocha Kiss and I prefer their mochas; to me the Coffeebuck’s mocha has texture which is not preferred).  My real fear isn’t with the company so much as the idea of the coffee one day taking over and inducing a zombie like state (Must have coffee…must have coffee).

I have a pastor friend (who will remain nameless but who performed our wedding ceremony) who used to (not sure if he still does) recharge his Coffeebucks card at the beginning of the month and once it “ran out”, no more coffee for him.  I thought he nuts.  I am beginning to think that I need to get on a “coffee plan”.  When is Lent (I’m so NOT Catholic)?  Maybe I will give up coffee for Lent (do you have to be Catholic to participate?).  Or maybe I’ll just take my laptop over and work on writing a bestseller. 


One thought on “Coffeebucks Update

  1. Thomas

    Its great when large companies actually listen to their consumers! I complained to Lavazza about their pre-ground coffee and they never replied!

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