More important than $$


What there is something more important then money??  Hard to believe isn’t it.  There are many things more important than money.

 Several years ago I was offered a job contracting with some of the top names in the financial industry.   The position paid about 70% increase in salary compared to what I was being paid.  It would be great experience as a corporate trainer to add to my resume.  The hitch?  I would travel 75% (they said) of the time and I would have to be ready to travel at any time (in other words, I couldn’t take another position while waiting for the project to start).  I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted the position but the company I was working for was hiring people right out of college with no experience at the same rate I was earning and I had been with the company for well over a year.  I talked to my company and they did not offer me any incentive to stay (I probably would have stayed if they would have given me a pay increase of 2 dollars an hour – hardly a 70% increase but I knew the job).  So I took the job.

After only a few months with the company my life was a mess.  More specifically, my relationships were a mess.  It was difficult to stay connected with friends and family.  I had the position (I loved the work) but in order to maintain it my life had to revolve around it.  I was no longer plugged into my church since Sunday was usually a travel day when I did manage to make it home for the weekend.

Sometimes the trade off is time or money.  My current contract will be complete at the end of the month.  I know this position has been a blessing…it paid for most of my wedding and helped us get our household setup.  And when other people were being let go, God gave me favor with supervisors to stay on.  So I am in interview mode.  Several companies have approached me about becoming a financial adviser.  I had an interview today the the gentleman I spoke with told me  I would work over 50 hours a week for the first eighteen months to two years.  (In my mind I am adding that 1.5 hour commute in…that means I am away from home for over 65 hours a week).

So what to do….  Thankfully, I’ve learned that there are things more important that a six figure salary (after 3 years, if I work hard and build a business).   

What do I want to do?  I want to write.  I want to go have a latte at Coffeebucks with my laptop in tow and write.  I want to teach people skills to improve their careers and their lives and their families.  I would love to help style people for success in business (when I went to work in that great position, the dress was business formal – business suits every day. I helped one of my friends in the same position to build her business wardrobe – apparently growing up in Pentecostal prepared me for putting together “outfits”.  I really enjoyed doing this).  I want to teach people to cultivate a relationship with God through prayer.  I want to teach families and churches how to cultivate a healthy spiritual climate through prayer.  I want to have a family.  I want to learn Spanish (I need to get some Rosetta Stone software). 

 Yep, some things are more important than money.  Now I just have to find my bliss.


5 thoughts on “More important than $$

  1. Hi, just found your blog through your comment on Hottubreligion’s blog.

    You mentioned learning through Rosetta Stone. My wife just told me that a large County library north of us had Rosetta Stone language stuff available online. Now we’re not in the county, but you can get a library card good for your household for $45/yr. Normally that would not be so great, but considering the Rosetta Stone software can be $200, it might be worth looking into. Anyway, check your library, or get them to order it for you.

  2. themangolds

    Sounds like to me you have a lot to offer in the way of ministry. Did it ever dawn on you that your strengths are in developing and cultivating? Sometimes we fail to allow that development to play into our church environment. We need a culture of continued growth and development in every facet of our lives and having an ethical Christian spin to this development is a powerful niche! It sounds like to me you could go as far as consulting with pastors, evangelists and ministers who typically don’t have a decent retirement or good health benefits. Helping them cultivate and invest what monies do come in, would be an asset and a blessing to God’s work! I would seriously consider this – I’ll pray for God’s direction and favor in your situation.

  3. Thanks Steve and Pastor Mangold. It’s funny, that you say that, I’ve had friends on staff at churches ask where they should invest funds (I think they some $$ was left to them upon the passing of a saint). I gave them my best Merrill Lynch (advise given to me by a advisor in KY), invest in a good Mutual Fund. If the fund is balanced risk wise then and has historically increased in value even in a fluctuating market, then you will still earn more than a savings account or Money Market. It’s worked for me…my small personal IRA has been earning between 10-15% a year. Ask a finacial advisor. I would not recommend (nor would I) every “play” the stock market on my own. Financial advisors have been educated on these matters (these investment companies require brokers to continue education in their field).

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