Added Category – Sermon Links


Very often I listen to sermons online while I work.  Since I  have been accumulating links, I thought I’d start a new category.  Have fun. 

 I came across a message from Mark Driscoll on Steve’s blog – 

For all the Charismatic and Pentecostal’s out there and even some Baptist, some of the content maybe “offensive”.  Sometimes it is good to get “offended” it challenges us to think about things differently.  He is very anti “religion” and pro Jesus Christ.  This message is about Jesus’ work on the Christ and what it means in regard our salvation.

Okay, it is difficult to “quote” perfectly because he speaks fast.  Here is a little taste “God is not pleased with religion…religion is our attempt be righteous…if we only call sinners to repent of their sins but not not call religious people to repent of their righteousness then we miss the cross.  The sinner and the righteous must be called to the cross because righteousness is a gift from of the cross…”

Now off to reorg some past postings.


2 thoughts on “Added Category – Sermon Links

  1. stevemcgill

    IMHO the best thing out there is the stuff by Andy Stanley at Northpoint. Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill and Perry Noble at Newspring also make the top of the list of my “regular” listens.

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