Observations of a Toddler


My sister’s son Sam is 2 years old.  He’s pretty special to me as I lived with my sister and her family for a year.  I watched him learn to walk (at 10 months old – he was so little just toddling around), to learn some sign language and even helped him learn to talk (between my Alabama accent and my sisters Texas twang he already has an accent).   My heart broke when I moved back to Austin.  I cried for an hour driving to Austin.  I missed that baby so much.  Of course, here, I get to see my nephew, Evan almost daily.  So it’s a bit of a trade off.  I am looking forward to meeting my new niece or nephew in a few months.

My sister, Jenny, keeps me updated on Sam.  When they were in town over Christmas, she told us the most recent hysterical thing he said.  All I can say is for 2 years old he has a pretty good idea about how things work.   He told his dad, “Your the boss.” and turned to his mom and said, “Your in charge here”.  

I know that Jenny tells him, “I’m in charge here” and his dad tells him “I’m the boss”(establishing authority) but hearing him put it that way and knowing that my sister runs a very orderly household..it was funny.


One thought on “Observations of a Toddler

  1. My sister emailed me a while ago and told me the lastest with Sam. Apparently a few nights ago, my bro-in-law took him to McDonalds (guys night out when you’re 2 – she was having the ladies over to play Bunko). They were driving around and Sam tells John, out of nowhere, “We need to move to Austin.” John’s reaction, thinking he hadn’t heard him quiet right, was to ask Sam, “What did you say?” about 4 more times.

    I think Nana got to him (Sam).

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