You asked for it


Tena visited my website today and asked for more wedding pictures.  I love my wedding pictures so I thought I would post a few.  So here goes.

Cutting the cake

Just Married

The Whole Family


During the Ceremony





Don’t ASK!!



Just married

The cake

these are in completely random order.  It had rained for a month and we were not certain if our wedding would be wet or dry.  It actually rained the morning of our wedding.  I had NO backup plan…I told the family and the wedding cordinator, my plan was umbrellas.   It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  We were married in the morning (I highly recommend this) we served light brunch menu.  And by 2pm we were on our way to our hotel…admittedly we were exhausted. 


6 thoughts on “You asked for it

  1. Mmmmm, that cake looked awesome. I can almost taste it now. My mouth instantly salivated the moment I saw it – can you tell I’ve been fasting. Oh, by the way…you and Dennis looked great on your day too!

  2. Our wedding was in July (07/07/07 – just a perfect number).

    The cake was incredible…Every other teir was CHOCOLATE!! (I had to have chocolate cake for my wedding).

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