So the Promiseland San Marcos has been busy.  We have become Psalmist….all of us. 

Earlier this week I wrote a little about the Saturday Service.  How at one point our pastor had us hold hands with another individual, facing that person and begin to declare who God is.  He made this observation, that when we did this, facing each other and connecting like the angels who sat atop the Ark of the Covenant, we create a “Mercy Seat” for God (For those unfamiliar, the area between the outstretched angels wings on top of the Ark of the Covenant was called the Mercy Seat and it was where the presences of God was said to “sit”).  As we create this “mercy seat”, God shows up to dwell there.  As we joined hands and declared the goodness of God, His presences was with us.

This week at our small group meetings, we were implored upon to “write a Psalm”.  We were asked not to use religious terminology or scripture but to use our own words. 

One reason I love blogging is I love writing.  For over 10 years I have journaled.  Not every day but frequently, I write down anything that comes to mind; prayers, praise, praise reports, dreams, hopes, words from the Lord.   So I have written a couple of Psalms over the years.  Not that I’ve ever shared them with anyone.

The assignment to “write a psalm” inspired me so I wrote a couple this morning…so here goes my first sharing of Psalms… No, they do not rhyme.  They aren’t terribly poetic.  And I did use some “Biblical” terminology.


Lord god Almighty, You are the most creative being in the universe; beyond the universe.

Your creativity abounds; I see Your fingerprint in every detail of Your workmanship.  I am Your workmanship.

How did You think of DNA?

When you breathed life into Adam, did Your DNA mingle with his?

Is there a God-gene in each of us that begs to return to it’s maker? That longs for relationship with You?

Even before we were born you knew us- You knew us on a molecular level.  You know what makes us up; the tiniest parts that come together to form us.  Those minuscule parts that define each of us; that make us different, yet similar.

I understand what David meant when he said- “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me.  It is high.  I cannot attain it”.  Such knowledge overwhelms me.

That You love me so well though you know me so well.


What is beauty? 

What does God say is beautiful?

Throughout time men have struggled to define it.  Through our limited knowledge we see it in the clouds, in the earth, in women, in a small child.  While beautiful , those are only a minute fraction of true beauty.

Beauty is perhaps weeping with a young widow; a widow who has found herself alone only two short years into her marriage; a widow of twenty-two.

Beauty is perhaps the a baptism.  The baptism of a child long before he has known deep sin.  The baptism of a young woman who has known much sin and defilement.  The baptism of an old man who has known secret dark places where no man should ever go.  Oh, the washing, the cleansing, the pureness of a repentant heart; all the sin washed away.

Beauty perhaps is the heartfelt apology of a friend who missed the opportunity to be a true friend.

Beauty is perhaps the warm flicker of a fire chasing the coldness from the air.

Beauty is perhaps the smell of a newborn baby.  The smell of a new life.   The smell of unlimited potential in such a tiny package.

Beauty is perhaps the holding of hands for the first time; awkwardly, strangely, yet perfectly.  First love.

Beauty is perhaps hearing someone say for the first time and the second time and the third time, “God, I need You.  I am sorry for the life I have lived up to this point. I want to be different.  Please change me.”

Perhaps those are the most beautiful words to God’s ears.


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