You never know….


On Sunday morning we were almost on time to church.  We love going to church on Saturday…it seems easier to get there on time and we have been enjoying having leisurely Sundays of relaxation.  However, Dennis’ schedule prevents us from attending every Saturday so we every other week we attend on Sunday mornings.  Because Sunday isn’t our “primary” service, we are not as familiar with the who is who.  In other words, we aren’t sure who is a member and who is a visitor.  As we walked in, I noticed another couple with several children.  They were dressed very casually but our church accepts all modes of dress so that doesn’t necessarily mean they are visiting.

The pastor preached a message about commitment.  Basically about making a commitment to a church; “My Church”.   After the message he invited people to come up for prayer, especially people who had been hurt by a church or in the name of religion.  We were lingering at our seat.  I was considering the offer.  (admittedly, I have been wounded church situation)  As we lingered, the man from the couple we had seen in the parking lot, stopped at our seat and said hi to Dennis and asked if he thought it would be okay to go up for prayer.  Dennis said “yes” and then waited a minute.  The guy was hesitant.  So Dennis asked him if wanted to go for prayer and that is how we met James.  We all went to the front and when the pastor spoke to James, I went and met his wife (already waiting outside) and asked her if the pastor could pray for her family.  Who turns down prayer?  That is when I met Angie.  It turns out they are new in San Marcos and one of our PromiseGroups actually meets in their neighborhood.  We are hoping that we will be able to help them get connected.

What if we had rushed out of the service?  You know who you will meet.  We hope we have the opportunity to get to know James and Angie.  We hope they find a place with us at PromiseLand.




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