“I’m Single”


 Okay, I’m not single. 

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Annabel.  We were chatting about making friends.  If you’ve read much of my blog, it’s a on-going theme with theme with me.  I know many people but deep friendships are different…it takes time.  Annabel told me she was going to make me a t-shirt that says “I want to be your friend” or something to that effect.  This made me laugh.

When I was single, living in downtown Austin, thinking I was cool, I was involved with “Single Minded”.  Sounds catchy, doesn’t it?  Well, it was really just the singles group at the PromiseLand in Austin…our fearless leaders were John and Kristen Ragsdale.  They always had the coolest ideas.  So John designed a t-shirt with our very cool logo on the top left side of the shirt.  The logo was smallish.  I asked him why?  He said most people do not want to go around with a t-shirt that says something about being single.  I did.  In fact, I would have liked a shirt that said, “I am single and available”.  The next week I showed up with my t-shirt on with an addition…I had ironed onto the back of the t-shirt, “I’m single”.  My long hair was in a ponytail so I could proudly and boldly display my single status.   Hey, this is Austin.  Austin proudly boasts it is one of the most single cities in the US.  They thought I was crazy and took pictures.  I don’t care.  Being single was never an issue until I moved to Alabama.  I actually had people ask me what was wrong with me since I was 30, single and never divorced.  They do tend to get married very young there.

So maybe I’ll have to get an “I’ll be your friend” t-shirt.


6 thoughts on ““I’m Single”

  1. I think that lots of people in friendships is fine, and I do struggle with extra close friendships..but I am learning that Jesus has to be my bestest best friend first..and I love HIS company!

  2. LOL about your ‘I’m single’ shirt.
    When you find the ‘friend’ shirt, send me the addy! We missionaries are always looking for a friend, even though we know ‘goodbye’s’ are always not too far behind the ‘hello’s’.

  3. my friend and i were talking about making shirts for valentine’s day, like:

    “sucky singles day” or
    “this day sucks”


    the world puts too much attention on the need to be married or “with someone”

  4. Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to post a t-shirt suggestion blog. I’m thinking something like “Valentines; Just another Day” or “Valentines; Marketing Propoganda Fest”

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