Easter Sunday Preparations


Hey Everyone!  If you are a member of PromiseLand San Marcos, then hopefully you have already heard about our Pack the PAC campaign.  PromiseLand San Marcos will be holding Easter Sunday Service at the Performing Arts Center in Kyle so everyone (all three service) can join together to worship and celebrate Easter Sunday. 

Many of us live in the Kyle and Buda area and this is an opportunity for us to invite our neighbors, friends and family to worship with us.  Pastor Robin has ordered cards and door hangers to pass out.

 I want to get involved.  Here’s the plan, starting with the apartment complex we live in, I am going to prayer walk the complex (this week) and when then I will hang door hangers on every door (in the next two weeks).  If anyone else would like help prayer walking and hanging door hangers in your neighborhood, please let me know.  I would love to help.  Post a comment and identify your neighborhood.  Combining prayer with action (faith with works) and the principle of agreement (two or three in agreement) we can Pack the PAC.

I am still developing the prayer focus for my walk but it will be along the lines of “God, please prepare the hearts of these families and individuals to receive the seed and respond”. 


2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Preparations

  1. We are going to have to adapt our campaign. the doorhangers are not working out. However, the business cards are ordered and should be here soon. It looks like our invitation will be more “hands on”

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