Confessions of a former Republican…


I’m not really a former Republican although today a big fat “Democrat” was stamped on my voter registration card.  I feel a little sick, like when you throw up a little in your mouth and really sad….I have always been registered as a Republican!  My entire adult life, I have been a Republican.  Hopefully, my new father-in-law doesn’t find out about this (he is diehard Republican). 

Before you judge me too harshly, I have a plan….sort of.  My plan is this, Hilary Clinton should never, ever be president…EVER.  She scares me.  Her and her socialist agenda scare the bejebees out of me.  So today I voted against Hilary.  (Hopefully, she will never be in a position of power to come after me for this).

The polls were not busy when I dropped by.  I’ve been working in downtown Kyle so all I had to do was cross the street.  There were maybe 10 to 12 people voting when I was there and a hand full of people waiting to vote.  One very loud woman stopped by to vote.  She was in the Republican line and the people who were running the polling place were trying to direct her. The man in charge, asked her if she was going to vote as a Democrat or Republican.  She says very loudly, “I’m only voting for Hilary”.  Talking about the candidates while people are trying to vote, is not allowed.  She was directed to the Democrat side and advised that she was not allowed to talk about candidates while at the polling center or she would be asked to leave.  Like most of Hilary’s following, she was crazy.  She sort of heckled the guy in charge of the polling center, commented a few more times on Hilary and eventually, he asked her to leave.  She did.  Praise the Lord, one less vote for Hilary!

Another interesting tidbit…I’ve been working at the local weekly newspaper.  Which is very much a “Democratic” paper.  During lunch we were talking a little politics.  I said that I hadn’t seen many Obama ads on TV.  One of the editors or writes, told me that yesterday there were two minute ads on all the local stations during the 6 o’clock news.  Of course I didn’t see them, I don’t watch the news. I told him that I don’t watch the news.  He told me that statistically, most voters watch the news.  I told him that I get my news from other sources (Does the Colbert Report count??).  Then he said that I probably only vote during presidential elections which isn’t true.  I told him, actually, I vote all the time.  I vote for city counsel.  He then told me that I am abnormal.  This made me laugh.  That was probably the most accurate statement he’d made about me so far.

(I can’t even spell Democrat…spellcheck had to “fix” every time I wrote Democrat in this story)


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a former Republican…

  1. Hey Matt, my thinking really is this…maybe I’ve just been convinced by a very libral media that the Repulican candidate here in Texas has already been decided pretty much (I’m not happy with him either but to be honest, I feel that most of the Repulicans who ran are not all that great either) but the Democratic candidate is very much up in the air. It’s all about who we would rather had the Repulican candidate run against.

  2. Rob Steele

    well Casey, I had the same problem but in the end just could not bring myself to vote for either of the Democrats. I eventually voted for Alan Keyes who reflects my thinking better than the others. If you really check out the things Obama says, you may like Hilary more than you think. As much as I despise everything she represents, in the final analysis I think I would go for her over Obama.

  3. I don’t really like Obama I just think the republicans have a better chance of beating him than Hilary. I guess it doesn’t matter. It is good to see Hilary and Obama spending lots of money duking it out while the Repulican canidates are saving their $$ for the real race.

  4. Be still my heart! I don’t care so much about party lines for name sake only. But I personally can’t cast a vote for anyone, of either party, who goes blatantly against the Word of God I love and honor. Obama’s record is more liberal than Hillary’s! He recently wrote a ‘love’ letter to the gay/lesbian community of his plans once in office. I believe Prov 13:43 “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people”.
    But, as in everything else, we must each follow our own convictions.

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