Holding a Dream in Your Hand


I can remember as a small child (before I started attending school) that I wanted to badly to write in cursive.  My older cousin (by 5 years), Jeff could write in cursive.  He wrote my name down for me so I could trace it.  I wanted to write. 

After my first day of school, I was suppose to be taking a nap but I was laying on a blanket on the floor crying.  My mam-maw was over at our house and she asked me why I was crying.  I told her, “They didn’t teach me how to read”.  I wanted to read so badly.  My mom told me they would teach me to read at school.  I thought that meant on the first day.

I loved books, even before I could write and even before I could read.

Many years ago, I joined with a friend of mine, Charlie Lujan to pray for our church.  We started the first intercessory prayer team at our church.  That team grew into seven teams (with prayer focuses on specific ministries in the church).  As we grew, I developed an outline to train intercessors.  Another church requested my outline to train intercessors at their church.  I began to “fill in” the outline.  The church offered to publish the material but it didn’t feel right to me.  I talked it over with my friend Daphne and she offered to help me with editing.  She asked all the right questions and helped me organize my thoughts.

Over the years, several seasoned prophets have prayed for me and given me a word regarding writing.  One specific word I received was that I would be a “river of propecy not only through my speaking but through writing”.  I only share this because there have been several times when I was ready to scrap writing altogether and throw the whole project out the window and those words spoken over me years ago, encouraged me to keep going and not give up.

Writing a book requires preserverence.  Once the material is ready you have a whole other set of hoops to jump through.  Editing and editing again.  I had cover issues.  My sister, Judy and I ended up designing the cover (I didn’t like the design the company did for me).  One thing after another.

 Despite everything…this arrived in the mail today…

Author’s copy of the War Manual.


Finally, I hold a dream in my hands.  From what I understand, once I send in an approval form the book will be available…printed! 


4 thoughts on “Holding a Dream in Your Hand

  1. jackie

    That is wonderful Casey. Let me know when it will be on the shelves. I will put it in my FPU budget so that I can buy a copy.

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