Easter Sunday



 Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday.  PromiseLand San Marcos packed the P.A.C. (Performing Arts Center).  The service was great.  The atmosphere was celebratory.  I have the feeling of a new season, not just physically.

My mom tucked in Evan’s shirt before Sunday school and told him that he looked liked a 6 year old with his shirt tucked in (he’s 4).  When he went to Sunday School, his mom asked him if Nana tucked his shirt in.  He told her “yes” and that he looks like he’s 6 years old.   Why do kids always want to be older?  Just enjoy being 4.  Also the Easter Bunny** (aka, Pappa) hid eggs in the back yard.  Evan waited until after lunch to go look for the eggs.  Naturally, Nana and Pappa wanted to take pictures.  He was out in the back yard by himself picking up eggs.  Dennis asked the family if he was suppose to start…it was funny.  Maybe you had to be there.    What was even funnier is he was the only kid in this hunt but he was racing around as if he was competing with 10 other kids.

We invited Dennis’ brother and girlfriend over for lunch.  They actually came.  We had a very enjoyable afternoon with both our families, playing games and eating chocolate. 


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