Follow Me…as I follow Him


1 Corinthians 11

 Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

My goal, in any ministry situation is to point other to Jesus Christ.  Loyalty is good.  Loyalty to a minister or leader is good.  Loyalty to a church and a man of God that God has sent you to serve is good.  Loyalty to a leader or ministry that overrides the directives of the Bible or what or where God is leading you is misplaced loyalty.

While I hope that God sends people to us who will work with us who are loyal to us and our ministry, I would never expect or demand loyalty to us to supersede loyalty to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.  That’s not loyalty…that is worship. 

When you begin to follow a man or ministry so closely that you no longer have a free will of your own but must bow to that ministry’s or man’s will, then you have passed the boundary of loyalty into the territory of worship.

True men of God will always point you Jesus Christ.  They will always want God’s very best for you.  They know the Kingdom is NOT about any individual other than Jesus.  A true man of God will NEVER ask you to break the laws of God or man.  A true man of God will not place you in a situation that will jeapordize your integrity or walk with God.  A true man of God understands his responsibility in leading; that he will someday answer for to the living God for those who follow him.


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