Give me Words to Speak


Have you heard the Aaron Shust song, Give me Words to Speak?  It is about those times in your life when you really aren’t sure what God would have you say.  It is about seasons when you aren’t hearing anything from God. 

John Ragsdale wrote a great blog the other day at  It is along the same lines.  What to say when you haven’t really heard God saying anything. 

At times my prayer has been “Give me Words to speak”.  Right now, I just want to listen.

Last night, I was in that state between awake and asleep and I heard I Corinthians 1:29.  I wasn’t even sure that was a valid reference (it wasnt’ one of the scriptures I “know”).  I was so tired and trying to make myself remember so I could look it up this morning.  Then I just got restless and finally I got up and looked it up.   It says, “that no flesh should glory in His presence.”

I am meditating on this scripture.  So many times, God is speaking and we aren’t applying to our lives.  Or as pastor Robin has been preaching about lately, we wear Jesus how we want to, rather than how He wants us to.  We apply things according to our own wisdom rather than how God wants us to apply them. 

Sometimes when we hear from God we don’t want to think about how it applies to us.  No flesh shall glory in His presences…  I have to ask myself, “Have I been seeking glory for myself?”.


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