Texas Hot is not the same at New York Hot


Last July, we went to New York.  We were married at the beginning of the month and then we went on our honeymoon to New York and New Jersey.  It’s a long story but the gist of it is this, we spent a few days honeymooning in New York City, saw a show, shopped, walked all over Manhattan…it was great.  Then we met up with some friends of ours from Newark, New Jersey and Dennis spoke at a youth conference.  The whole trip was great.

You see, in July, in Texas it is HOT.  In Austin, it is HOT and it is very humid, it’s not Mobile, Alabama humid (Mobile, Alabama humid is when the large bay window in your dining room has condensation on it because your air conditioner is running on 78 degrees – basically you can see the water molecules floating in the air).  New York and New Jersey were so mild compared to Texas.  We went swimming one day and I could barely stand to put my feet in the water…it was COLD! 

Here’s the thing… about four years ago I had some trouble with the air conditioner on my car.  My saint of a brother-in-law, John replaced the whole system, it cost $1100 just for the parts!  So when my car stopped blowing cool air a few years ago, I did NOT take it find out what the problem was.  I did not want to hear that it was going to cost a small fortune to replace, rebuild or recharge the AC. 

For two summers, I drove around Texas without an air conditioner.  It’s okay if you are in New York and you do not have AC but in Texas it is NECESSARY.  I worked out my schedule so I would leave the apartment in the mornings when it was still relatively cool and I would return after dark.  That worked out most days.  By August, I was stopping at Sonic and getting a “big drink” (Raspberry Ice Tea) almost every day.  One day, I had perspired so much that I felt faint.  Seriously.  I was dehydrated.  I was probably dehydrated most of the summer.  I know I was exhausted.  Just being in that kind of heat can cause you to feel weak and tired.

Last week, Dennis was getting some work done on his truck. He takes it to this local guy who does the work for a great price but Dennis has to locate and purchase all the parts.  So he asked me what year my car is and I told him it is a ’97.  He said, “Oh, I thought it was a ’92”.  With that he went off to AutoZone.  Later he came back and told me that my AC was working.  Apparently, all it needed was freon.

Dennis tells me he would have fixed it two years ago if he had known it was a ’97.

So basically, I drove around for two HOT Texas summers with NO AC!!!  I’m kicking myself.  I was suffering for nothing.  I was making all types of accommodations for nothing.  I drove across the state of Texas without air conditioning last year!!! 

I know somewhere in here is a spiritual truth; a painful spiritual truth.  Seek the truth, sometimes the solution will be more simple than you anticipated.  Or Avoidance should be avoided.


One thought on “Texas Hot is not the same at New York Hot

  1. Rob Steele

    It is our concept of reality that causes the problem. The AC did not work, that was a reality. However, maybe because you were not mechanically minded, your concept of this reality was based on past experience, and you suffered in vain. When problems crop up in our life we try to relate them to some perceived physical cause and go about trying to solve them based on that concept of reality. We forget that God understands the exact underlying spiritual issue and that His concept of reality is very different from ours. When we, as God’s children, reach an impasse in our lives, we need to step back and try to view the issue through His eyes and understand His reality. It will save a lot of suffering.

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