On Worship


Worship is difficult to describe. It is one of those things, I know it when I see it and I know when I don’t see it. It’s not a song although many songs can be described as worship songs. It’s not action although some actions can be described as worship. It’s not a place although some places can be described as places of worship. And on top of it all, so many things we label as worship are not worship at all.

Worship to me is more about finding out what God likes and doing it. Does God like jumping? If so, my only question is “How high?” 

The thing is, words are not worship unless they are spoken with the right spirit and the right heart. This is something that Christians do not like to talk about. We do not like the idea that God hates the haughty and near the broken hearted (see Psalm 34:18). We are closest to God in our brokenness. No one wants to be broken; No one wants to face the situations that bring brokenness. No one wants to live a life of being broken before God. We all want to be near to God but no one wants to be broken.

Worship is NOT about talent or skills.  News flash, God doesn’t care about how well you sing or how well you play an instrument.   God can and does use our talent and our skills, but those things are what bring us before people not before God.  An individual who has no talent for singing can be a true worshipper. 

True worship isn’t about how loud a person is or if they “say” the right things.  Think about it.  If you have attended church (any church) for any amount of time, there are certain phrases we use repetitiously.  We do not think about what they mean necessarily.  People have tendency to think of loud people saying the “right” thing as worship.  Worship can be quiet and peaceful, it isn’t necessarily loud. 

Worship can include flags and banners, but those things aren’t required equipment.  I love the pageantry of some worship services; dancers with banners and ribbon thingies (what are those called anyway?) but those things do not a worshipper make.

The thought that come to me is “how can we be true worshippers”?  Or “How can we become more authentic worshippers?”

Philippians 3:3
For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh

I am still meditating on this subject…your thoughts are welcome.



6 thoughts on “On Worship

  1. Good essay. I was just blogging around this subject, although more about the music side of it. I think that worship is whenever God is glorified…certainly, there are many ways that can be done…in music, and service, in giving, prayer…listening…the list goes on and on. The bottom line is, let’s glorify God in all we do, then we are worshipping Him without ceasing! Amie

  2. mamabev1

    Worship is submitting the totality of ones self, spirit, soul and body to a loving, amazing Heavenly Father who created you ,in HIS Image,and put the whole of His LOVE on a torture stake, or cross, to take all YOUR sins. To give HIS very life`s blood, to make YOU righteous and pure enough to obtain Joyous,Wonderful, eternal Life, not through anything you or I have done , but through Jesus Christ`s loving sacrifice, how can we not adore Him, for all He has done, WORSHIP/Adoration/Love/ Submitting self draws us close to HIM. That is Worship.

    When we Praise Him we touch his ears, when we Prayerfully Worship we touch HIS HEART

  3. I think of worship and it immediately brings Romans 12:1 to mind. When a church’s “Worship Ministry” is limited to only singing praise, worship is limited. I think “exercising your gifts for the purpose He has chosen for you and to His glory” would be an apt definition.
    Blessings, Robert

  4. at our youth group, the majority of the kids have never been to church. they have no idea what some of these “church words” mean and the cliche phrases we explain them with.

    so my youth pastor told them that worship was “being or doing anything that makes God smile”. after thinking about it…i love that definition. 🙂

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