Should they Print??


Working for the newspaper, I had an interesting question this week.  Four students, down in Karnes County (by the way, this is where my dad grew up) were arrested on an aggravated assault charge for an incident that happened in school.  All four students are 17 or older which means in Texas they are charged and tried as adults.  The question was, should the newspaper print their mug shots?

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Should they Print??

  1. Laddie

    In Karnes City (population about 1500 give or take 200) everyone knows everyone. Chances are it wouldn’t matter if they printed their picture because folks would know the guys and their families. If they are 17 and will be tried as adults I think they should be printed, or I should say I wouldn’t be upset or opposed to them being printed.

  2. Rob Steele

    Why not? Part of the punishment for wrong doing is public humiliation, or at least it should be humiliating. I know, I know, they are innocent until proven guilty….

  3. The editor did choose to print the mug shots.

    Personnally, I think many times we don’t have all the facts. Maybe the events that took place weren’t exactly as they were reported. Supposidly, we are innocent until proven guilty in our court system but when it comes to the press people are guilty until proven innocent. Especially in a small town, I think printing mug shots is likely tainting the jury pool…

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