1st Official Book Review


This month my first Book Review will be published in the All Around Hays.  The book I reviewed is Belong to me by Marisa de los Santos. I don’t want to spoil the “official” review, I do want to add a disclaimer here.  I tried to read the book from an “objective” point of view.  From a Christian perspective, I would not recommend this book.  While it is very well written and the decent story line, about half way through (far enough along to capture your attention) the expletives started and they were not mild use of cuss words but foul language.  Basically, this book would be rated “R”.  I don’t watch “R” movies and try not to read “R” books.



One thought on “1st Official Book Review

  1. Beverly

    I was in Barnes and Noble looking for a good book to read while on vacation. The sales person recommended this book. I was leary, as I too have found that many current authors use foul language in their writing. Therefore, I totally agree with your comments on this not being for Christian readers! I often wonder why talented authors have to use such vulger language? It doesn’t change the emphasis on anything, other than making their characters look ignorant and trashy. The story could have been the same without the strong vile language. Had I not been totally drawn in by this book by the time the expletives started flying, I wouldn’t have finished it. I had to keep skipping over them, which is hard because it sneaks up on you. I just don’t like reading those words or having them go through my mind. So sad – so much of good literature is ruined by it. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like seeing the Lord’s name taken in vain.

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