Chuco’s Tacos


If you have been reading my blog for a while you may have seen this one about Chico’s Tacos in El Paso .  It is one of the places we always eat at when we visit El Paso.  Several “El Paso Connections” in the area have been telling us about two places here in Austin that serve similar style tacos or taquitos (hopefully that is spelled correctly).  We’ve been hearing about a place down on 10th street near the intersection of Lamar called Chuco’s Tacos.   We actually heard it was on Lamar (it is on 10th street) so we had, had some trouble finding it. 

Yesterday we trekked into Austin to go to the LBJ Presidential Library.  Dennis and Kathy had never been.  And I’m a bit of geek; I think Presidential Libraries and Museums are interesting and cool.  We spent the afternoon going through the Library.  And then we headed over to Chuco’s. 

If you aren’t familiar with Austin, it’s what I call a little eclectic.  One of the common slogans of the area is “Keep Austin Weird”.  There are great restaurants in old houses downtown (check out Kirby Lane Cafe, Austin Java Company or Magnolia Cafe).  So Chuco’s is in a little house right on 10thstreet.  It fits perfectly with the “Austin Vibe”. 

We lucked out because Thursdays are $.50 taco night.  The tacos were great!  They were very comparable to Chico’s tacos.

Chuco’s managed to combine the flavor of El Paso with the eclecticness of Austin.  We plan on visiting Chuco’s Tacos again. 


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