Graham Cooke


This week I was listening to a Graham Cooke tape while driving to Fredricksburg.  It was about spiritual warfare.

He said every battle must be fought twice…once to gain deliverance and again to maintain it.  But both battles are not the same and we must ask God for the battle plan.  At times we must, stop from engaging the enemy and wait for God’s plan.  

God uses different battles for different purposes.  Some battles are designed to build endurance.  Some battles are for us to draw closer to one another through the situation. 

Battles are meant for us to experience victory and the abundance of God. 

He used a great example…He said in their city they wanted to setup a youth facility.  They had volunteers lined up to run the program.  They had a site chosen.  The leaders of their city told them there were restrictions and the site they wanted would cost $50,000 a year.  He said many people began to pray “casting down restrictions”.  As he prayed about the situation, God told him, to begin praying for Spirit-filled leaders to placed in those positions.  The church joined together and prayed.  What happened next was amazing…the three leaders were found to be corrupt and they were removed from office.  Three Spirit-filled believers were placed in office.  They removed all the restrictions, gave them a facility 3 times as large for $2 a year and even funded the organization 3 full-time positions.  There is victory and there is VICTORY!


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