I wish I had some “spiritual message” to convey on here everyday.  The truth is, some days I just don’t feel all that spiritual.  Since we arrived home late last night, exhausted from the weekend, I did not wake up early today.  I love to wake up early and have some “alone time” which isn’t so much alone as it is quiet.  I had a dream before I woke up.  It is nagging at my mind…

I frequently have dreams.  I believe God communicates to me through dreams.    In some dreams the meaning is obvious.  In some the meaning is more overt. 

Lately, I’ve several dreams that I believe reflect the state of the church today.  Not necissarily the church I attend (hopefully not in most cases) but the bride of Christ in general.  These dreams to do cast a posititive image.  In fact, I am disturbed…in my case is likely a good thing because it leads to prayer.

I had a dream last night in which a pastor I know (NOT my pastor)  was having a meeting with a church financier (a man in his church who gave a lot of money).  The man had a position and power in the church because of he was financing projects.  The man was a decision maker.  The man met me and told me he had a lay-over in the city and he propositioned me.  The man clearly did not see a conflict with committing adultery and his position of power in the church.  I was outraged.  The pastor was turning a blind eye to the situation.  He needed the money for a building renovation. 

Another dream I had a few months ago, there were many people at a “camp”.  The setting reminded me of an old fashion “camp meeting”.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar – when I was a little girl, all the churches in a area would gather in or near a camping are and have large church services.  I can remember my family attending a few of these events)  There were many lay Christians (non-leadership types), mostly women and children gathered in a massive building.  And two women were leading the service.  I thought one of them was a little “off”.  I was concerned.  I walked outside and saw a man of God (overseer of man churches), he was not terribly concerned about what was going on inside. He was directing many young pastors to meet down in a grove of trees near the water.  I saw many young ministers and pastors I know heading down to the meeting.  They were all dressed in suits.  There was one man who had many young men following him.  They loved him and wanted to be like him.  I was worried about the congregation inside.  Who will take care of them?  Who is looking after their best interest?  The men were only interested in hanging out together and schmoozing.  I remember having a sinking feeling that God was missing from the whole mix and the congregation inside was so hungry for Him.

These dreams seem all connected…as if there is mis-allignment in the Church.  It has happened so subtly that no one has noticed a difference in how things should be and how they atually are. 

I have been remembering a dream I had ten years ago.  I was in an enormous tank with water in it.  Similar to an aquarium.  There were fish.  There were fake plastic plants in the water.  The water was blue; too blue to be real.  The water was shallow, maybe slightly deeper than my knees.  I love swimming; I was trying so hard to swim around in this somewhat shallow water.   The water, although clean was somewhat stagnate; there was no flow.  For me, in dreams, water represents the Holy Spirit.  In every Spiritual dream I’ve had, water has always represented the Holy Spirit.  So I was in a tank, trying to swim in shallow water.  I was trying so hard to break out of the tank.  I am not sure why I have been reminded of this dream recently.


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