Foolishness or Youthfulness?


As a dog returns to his own vomit,
      So a fool repeats his folly. 
Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?
      There is more hope for a fool than for him.   – Proverbs 26:11-12

Why is purity so vital?  Why should we purpose holiness in our hearts?  Why should we pursue a sinless life?  Because once you have pursued sin; once you have given in to it, it is very difficult NOT to return to it.

People use youth as an excuse to justify so many things.  “Oh, they are just young.”  “They will grow out of this eventually.”  “This is just a phase of development.” 

Sin is sin, no matter what type of “pretty” terminology is applied to it.  Does God make excuses for our actions and choices?  Do you suppose He is in heaven saying to Himself, “I gave this person so many opportunities and warnings that this could happen.  Oh well, they are just human.  Maybe one day they will ‘grow out of it’.”  Our pursuit of sin, or our lack of running away from sin, grieves the heart of God. I have always held to the idea that Jesus is not bound by our laws of time and space.  That’s how He could be in the fiery furnace with the Neb’s boys (read the book of Daniel).  When we sin, it is as if Jesus is once more back in the garden of Gethsemane drinking the cup of our sin that was presented to Him.  When we willfully sin, we mock the work Jesus did on Calvary; we minimize it; we cause Him to revisit the shame He endured (see Hebrews 12).

Very few people live lives of purity.  It’s true.   There are few people who maintain their physically purity until marriage and remain faithful to their marriages until the end.  There are few people who guard their eyes, their ears and their mouths.  Purity is a pursuit. 

What about areas that you KNOW are problematic for you?  How do you avoid those things?  What are the boundaries you apply to your life in pursuit of purity? 

An acquaintance of mine fell into some sinful activity in the recent past.  Steps were taken to separate from the activity.  There were some relationships however that were not completely severed.  Can this person return to the situation, maintain relationships with people with who sins were committed and NOT fall back into the sin?

My deepest feeling on this subject is unequivocally, “NO”.  If you put yourself in the same situation, atmosphere and relationships, the same or very similar results will occur. 

I see similar situations in the lives of young people everywhere.  They are so intent on maintaining relationships, even extremely BAD, sinful relationships that they fall into the same situations repeatedly.  It’s like a dog returning to his vomit.  They return to their sin.

The real deception is thinking you are wise enough to “handle it”.  The lie is thinking we are stronger than the pull of sin.  Stop lying to yourself.  Relationships based on sin, relationships that have been sinful in the past will pull you back into sin. 

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? -2 Corinthians 6:14

While this scripture, in context, refers to marriage, it can be applied to all relationships.  Do not be unequally yoked (tied to someone) in friendships.  Do not be unequally yoke with business partners.  I would take it one step farther and say, do not be unequally yoked in a Christian marriage.  A woman, who has been a Christian for many years, should not marry a man who has just become a Christian; it is unbalanced and unequal.  It will be difficult for that man to ever be the spiritual leader in the home. 

It is time to let those sin-based relationships fall away.  Pray about them.  When I recommitted my life to Jesus in my 20s, I prayed that God would allow those relationships that were NOT His will for me begin to fall away.  They did.  I had to get to a place in my life that God’s will for me was more important than any other relationship.  I only want the relationships God desires for me.  I only want the plans He has for me.  His plans for me are better than anything I could imagine or ask for myself.

Before anyone starts saying, “I am trying to witness to my unsaved friend” or “I just want my ex to get saved so we can be together”.  Ask yourself, am I pulling them up or are they pulling me down?  If someone is standing on a chair and another person is standing on the ground, it is much easier for the person on the ground to pull the person off the chair.  The person on the ground has gravity working in their favor.  The same is true for Christians and non-Christians.  The non-Christians have sin working in their favor just like gravity.  Overcoming sin is as difficult as overcoming gravity.  Only Jesus was and is able to Overcome Sin.  When we place ourselves in situations outside God’s Will; outside His plan for our lives, He will interfere.  He will not shield us when we are willfully opposing Him.

 When it comes to sin, Christians must become ruthless and unyielding. 


3 thoughts on “Foolishness or Youthfulness?

  1. Rob Steele

    You go, Sister, preach it! This is very good teaching and I think you should consider presenting it to the congregation.

  2. jbryans

    This is very good. Brooke is reading a book about purity and I would recommend it to any young woman. It is called, “and the Bride Wore White”.

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