The Walls of Jericho


I was listening to a message by Bishop Tudor Bismark (What can I say, this guy is willing to go deep!).  His message started with him talking about Chuck Yeager and breaking the sound barrier.  This may not relate to this post except that it lead to talking about sound waves. 

He told about Joshua and the Israelites walking around Jericho.  He said there was a reason God told them not to make any noise.  There were three million Israelites walking around the walls.  When people get into unity there is weight to whatever they do.  The Israelites walking around the walls…just the weight of them walking, disturbed the foundation of that city.  Then on the last time around, they surrounded the city and let out a LOUD shout. The sound waves collided right in the center of the city.   This what caused the walls to fall…a combination of the shaking of the foundation and the sound waves colliding.  And Rehab’s red banner, that cloth on the wall, didn’t just represent the blood of Jesus, it also blocked the sound waves causing that portion of the wall to stay in place.

 What I like about this explanation is the unity factor.  Somethings can only be done when we join together with other believers.  Some things can only happen when we are willing to set aside our own agendas in pursuit of a higher purpose.


2 thoughts on “The Walls of Jericho

  1. wayne berry

    See Isa.65:8. The text speaks of what some call the “cluster blessing”.

    The same principle is found in Ps.133 (especially in verse 3). The word “there” in the text (“there the Lord commanded the blessing — life forever”) refers to what’s taking place in verses 1&2. The “life forevermore” blessing is created (or released) based on the unity that takes place first. Selah…

  2. Farel

    Thats a great message indeed. On the few ocassions i have heard him, he says things that you probably have never heard before!

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