Happy Birthday PromiseLand San Marcos


This past weekend was our fiveyear anniversary.  PromiseLand San Marcos started with 50 faithful and now, after only five years, has almost 1000 members.  That is a 200% increase over five years.

This weekend consisted of a concert on Saturday night, with Jacob Lowery, Randy Phillips (the Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean), and John Ragsdale, and Sunday services with Bishop Kenneth Phillips as the guest speaker.  The whole weekend was incredible.  God was there.  It wasn’t just a “feel good” thing…I feel changed. 

This is how I would describe it:  The weekend was refreshing, even drenching; it was motivating and challenging; it was the beginning of something that eye has not seen and ears have not heard. 

For those of you who had a chance to attend…how would you describe it?

Check out the story with pictures at http://haysfreepress.com/main.asp?SectionID=15&SubSectionID=39&ArticleID=34405&TM=51709.52



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