I was over reading Cindy Beall’s blog and she asked the question, “Do you dream?”.  Not only do I dream, God speaks to me through my dreams.  The past few days, I’ve been thinking about a dream I had several years ago right before I made a major decision in my life.

I was standing on the edge of this canyon.  It reminded me of the Grand Canyon, only more desolate.  (Yes, I know parts of the Grand Canyon are very desolate, but I’ve never visited that part).  There was a bridge, a suspension bridge, connecting the two sides of the canyon.  I could see a pastor I knew on one side.  On that side, there seem to be trickles of water where the bridge connected to the side of the canyon.  I knew I had to blow up the bridge.  I really didn’t want to because on that side of the bridge was everything I was familiar with; everything I knew.  I heard God speaking and He said, “Don’t worry, I rebuild bridges”.  There was a activation devise…you know the kind with the handles on it that you push down on, like in the old Roadrunner cartoons.  I took both hands and I pushed down.  In one magnificent blast, the bridge blew up.  As soon as it did, water started flowing in, faster and faster until the canyon was full; it became a lake. 

Someone needs to know, that God rebuilds bridges.  He is the repairer of the breach. 


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