Jesus Gives us the Power to be Thankful


“Jesus Gives us the Power to be Thankful” was the key point of Vacation Bible School last night.  (If you were there, you know any time you hear this phrase you are suppose to say “Aha” and point your finger – it is the “Aha” thought for the day). 

I am not one to usually volunteer to help with anything kid related.  (Amazing how I’ve recently found myself volunteering for VBS and to help with Youth).  My Sister-in-law, Kathy, who has been staying with us needed something to do this week so I asked her if she would volunteer if I did.  Maybe it wasn’t the most honorable reason to volunteer.  Kathy is in a season of trying out new things in order to find her calling.  While I like children (really, I do), I know that is not my primary calling.  Anyway, that’s how I ended up at VBS.

One of the Hypergames (just games for those of you over 7 years old), was blowing bubbles.   This was not just ordinary bubble blowing.  They had small plastic pools (the kind you buy at Walmart) filled with soap and every kind of bubble blowing implement you can think of (It looked fun to me and I’m well over 7).  As the kids had fun blowing bubbles  the leader at the game station reminded them that just like there are so many bubble floating through the air there are many things in our lives to be thankful for.

In my mind, I thought, how fitting.  The bubbles are many different sizes, big and small and everything in between.  There are so many things in our lives to be thankful for. 

The children were asked what they are thankful for.  They said everything from friends, family, toys, to Jesus.  At one point, a child suggested that we are thankful for chicken.  (It wasn’t clear if we are thankful for chickens or a piece of chicken).  You never know.

I am thankful for so many things…like air conditioning in my car, a cup of Starbucks Coffee, the dishwasher, running water, a soft bed to sleep in, my cell phone, great writing pens, books to read, food to eat, good relationships, my husband, opportunities…the list could go on and on.  If you looked at the sky of my life, it would be full of floating bubbles of all sizes and shapes.


One thought on “Jesus Gives us the Power to be Thankful

  1. Suzy Branham

    I am thankful for many things but I have to say except for God and my husband I am most thankful for my bed lately. We have been so busy that when I finally go to bed at night I just….sigh and thank God that he brought me through another day.

    T-Bear has volunteered for VBS and he is really enjoying himself too.

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