Chuco’s Tacos Update


For those of you following the saga of Chuco’s Tacos, I thought I would write a short update.  Chuco’s agreed to change their name to something besides Chucos.  They toyed with “The Drowning Taco” (which we kind of liked) but ended up with “10th Street Tacos”. 

The food is still wonderful and they are still serving those “drowning tacos”.   You can check out the menu at .  Or visit them on 10th street (near Lamar).


5 thoughts on “Chuco’s Tacos Update

  1. Bryan Kelley

    I have an idea for the concept. Do you know David the owner or how to get in contact with him. If so, please forward him my email address.
    I miss it already!

    • Katasha,
      We are beginning to like the Screaming Goat on 10th street near the Lamar intercection is better than Chicos. They call thiers Flautas…so drowning Flautas. It would be worth the trip to Austin.

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