Heavy cloud no rain


I was just taking a look at Twitter and noticed a friend of ours, John Ragsdale had typed in “Heavy cloud no rain”.  It caught my attention.  These words captured how I’ve been feeling lately on a spiritual level.  I wrote another post this week about the rain.  It has been raining here and there in the Kyle/San Marcos area but in the spiritual, I feel like there are some heavy clouds but no rain yet…maybe a few sprinkles but not that soaking rain we need.

In my thoughts recently about rain, I’ve been remembering a series I listened to a few years ago called “Climates, Atmospheres, and Dimensions”.  The preacher was Bishop Tudor Bismark.  The series related physical climates and atmospheres to spiritual climates and atmospheres. 

Over the history of the world, climates have changed.  There is the possibility of climate changes.  In order for a climate to change, the atmosphere must change; the atmosphere must change frequently enough and for extended periods of time in order to effect the overall climate of an area.  The same is true spiritually.  If you want the spiritual climate of your city to change, you must first begin changing the atmosphere.  As you change the atmosphere, influence others to change the atmosphere and increase the frequency of the change, you will begin to see change in the overall climate of the region.  In my mind, it is a revitalization project.  When a city wants to “revitalize” an area, they develop a long term plan.  City planners know it could take 10 or more years to see long term change happen in a region. 

According to Bishop Bismark, if a church or city wants spiritual change there must be some atmosphere changers.  These people are a little different.  They may pray harder, longer and seem more passionate.  They just want more of God.  They are the first ones in the alter; they are the last ones to leave.  Their actions may embarrass others.  They get out of their comfort zone.  They push for spiritual breakthrough.  They may make you uncomfortable.  When they begin to worship, the atmosphere changes.  He used the example of Jesus being anointed by Mary (See Matthew 27, Mark 14, Luke 7).  When she broke the flask on Jesus, the room changed.  The fragrance of her worship filled the air.  They were having a men’s meeting and she came in (1st atmosphere change).  The men had forgotten to wash Jesus’ feet.  She broke her flask and perfume filled the air.  The could not ignore her worship.  They crowd was uncomfortable.  They were judging her (the Word says she was a sinner).  They were aware they had forgotten to wash Jesus’ feet.  Changing the atmosphere requires us to get past ourselves and those around us and simple worship our king. 

In order for a spiritual climate change to occur, the atmosphere must be changed on a regular basis.  Uninhibited, unbridled worship must become our “norm”. 

Jeremiah 29:13
And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

We’ve been seeing a lot of clouds lately but no rain.  Maybe we’ve seen a sprinkle here or there but not that heavy soaking rain.  I do not just want a soaking rain, I want to live in a spiritual atmosphere of soaking rain.  I want to soak up the Holy Spirit.  Spiritually, I want to look like a drowned rabbit; I want to be someone that when you see me, I’m dripping wet and you know I’ve been with God.  This isn’t a pie in the sky dream…I know it can happen.  I’ve seen it happen before and I know God wants to soak us but we must begin to seek Him.

I don’t want to be a people who just walk in the cloud but never experience the rain.  I don’t want to know that God is near but never really feel His Spirit.  A cloud may block out the scorching sun which is good for a while but unless the rain comes, the ground will remain parched. 

Ask the LORD for rain
      In the time of the latter rain.
      The LORD will make flashing clouds;
      He will give them showers of rain,
      Grass in the field for everyone.
Zechariah 10:1

It’s time for RAIN….


2 thoughts on “Heavy cloud no rain

  1. What a word!!! I am blessed by it, as i read this i am in a season of cloud but no rain. But i am reminded of the promise of God that He will give the rain. I received it with all that is in me. Sydney from Namibia

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