Game Night


Sunday after church I was looking for my friend Suzy.  Her husband told me she goes to Saturday church (exclusively it seems).  So he invited us out to “The Ranch” (aka Genesis Ranch – for those of you not from Promiseland San Marcos or currently a member of “The Ranch”).  After lunch, we ventured out for a visit. 

What started as a short visited ended (for us) after 11p.m. and after having had an official “Game Night”.  We love a good game.  Peter introduced us to a game called Dutch Blitz.  When I was growing up, we played group solitaire which is very similar.   In group solitaire, each person gets a deck of cards and all the aces are played to the middle so everyone can play off of them.  We played until someone ran out of cards.  Dutch Blitz is the “speed” version.  Each person begins with a deck of cards and when all the cards in your pile are played, you call “Dutch Blitz” and take score.  Apparently this game is hard to find in the U.S.  The website is www.dutchblitz.comand it directs you to stores in the U.S. that sell the game.   It’s next on our list to get as far as games go.  I would like to work it out so that 8 people could play instead of just four.  It’s worth chekcing out.  Peter kicked our (Suzy, Jenny and I) butts at Dutch Blitz. 

The other guys played good ole “Sorry”.  And we ended the evening with some “Scategories”.  And a mere eight hours later we made it home.  It was worth getting to bed late.  We had a great time.


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