Happy Birthday Ellie


On Ellie’s Birthday (Tuesday), Evan stayed with me.  He didn’t show a whole lot of interest in Ellie when we were at the hospital.  Of course a 4 year old’s attention span is not all that focused.  On the way home, he asked me if we could get a Birthday Cake for Ellie (I suspect he just wanted cake).  I want to encourage him to include Ellie in things so I told him when she comes home I would take him to the store to get her a cake. 

He was quiet for a minute and then said, “I guess she wouldn’t want a superhero cake.” somewhat disappointed (he is VERY into super heroes right now), ” I guess we’ll have to get her a cake with princesses”.   He was trying to find a way to work superheroes into the deal.  I laughed (mostly to myself) and told hm maybe we could get her a “Wonder Woman” or “Bat Girl” cake.


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