Big Dog…Little Fence


At my last job we had babies (a couple of girls brought their babies to work).  At my new job we have a dog.  Yes, a big dog.  I cannot remember the breed name but she’s a big dog, looks like a lab but with longer hair.  She’s still a puppy but she is huge.

In one of the hallways, we have a small gate.  Which was the perfect size when she was a puppy.  She’s enormous now.  She could very easily jump the fence. She could practically just step over the gate.   With very little effort she could overcome the obstacle.    She doesn’t realize it.  She thinks of herself as that little puppy, not the big dog she has grown into.

It made me think of how often we do the same thing.  We limit ourselves based on who we were five years ago or ten years ago.  We don’t see ourselves as we are today. 

Think about some of the things you wanted to do years ago; something you maybe even attempted.  What were to obstacles?  Did you fail or just hit a fence?   If you really think about it, would those obstacles still “fence you in” today? 

When I was 20, my thinking was limited.  I had never documented a software program, written training materials, written a book, trained people…there are things I couldn’t do when I was 20 that I now have the abilities do. 

So what has been fencing you in?  TRY AGAIN!  and AGAIN!  You aren’t who you were then.  You can do things today you couldn’t do a year ago!


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