Fresh Spiritual Food


We were watching one of those news shows the other day.  They had a guy who had written a book on diet and health.  He said one of the reasons Americans are so fat is because we eat processed food.  He went on to say when we go to the grocery store we should ask ourselves the question, “Would my great-grand mother recognize this food?”.  If the answer is “No” then do not eat it.   (Dennis says his great-grandmother ate corn flakes so those are okay).  The point being we are eating too many processed foods and not enough fresh foods.  

This thought crossed my mind and has been swirling around for a few days:  How fresh is my spiritual food?  As this thought raced through my head several others popped in as well:  Have I been eating too much “processed” spiritual food?  Would my great-grandmother (a Spirit-filled believer) recognize the spiritual food I’ve been eating? 

As Christians today we eat alot of “processed” spiritual food.  It’s convenient.  You know, we read Christian books more than we read our Bible.  We listen to messages that have been “processed”…the speaker read or heard the message somewhere else and is simple regurgitating it.  Our spiritual food today has alot more sugar in it….everything is sugar coated.

Processed spiritual food isn’t nearly as good for us as getting fresh food.  Jesus called it “Daily Bread”.  Bread in those days didn’t have the preservatives our bread has in today.  Bread didn’t last a month.  You had to get fresh bread.  What if every day we had a fresh Word from the Lord?  What if every day He said something to us? 

Buying fresh is not all that convienent.  It takes more time.  It cost a little more.  But it is so much better for you… 

This thought is going to swirl around for a little longer.  In the meantime..where can a get a good salad?


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