The Secret Give


As many of you know, at our church in San Marcos (Promiseland San Marcos – we have been working through a series called “God’s Big Give” (way better than Oprah’s Big Give).  On Saturday night (when we attend church), Pastor Robin was talking about giving in the sense of serving.  He said “You can never out give God”.  (Sometimes we need to be reminded of this). 

During the message, two thoughts went through my head.  The first thought was something my friend Charlie Lujan used to say and it has been proven true in my life.  “God always pays well”.  This is really applicable to people like myself who work in a secular job but my heart is in ministry.  My purpose is to spiritually equip people for their kingdom purpose (this starts with prayer – that’s a whole other blog).   In my younger days, it was not unusual for me to be at the church 5 out of 7 days of the week.  We had prayer teams on Tuesday night, Wednesday night church, Thursday  night a women’s small group, Friday was singles and Sunday was church.  And when I wasn’t at church, you might find me preparing for prayer on Tuesdays or the women’s small group or working on organizing something.  I can remember being paid only a few times for doing ministry – and most of those were speaking opportunities for other churches.  I did help the Bishop write a workshop called “The Truth of Twelve” (he gave me all of his hand written notes and I pulled it together and organized it – It helped that I had heard all the messages of the series because if anyone knows Bishop Phillips, he doesn’t really use notes), the Bishop paid me – I  would have done it completely for free.  I am not writing this so you will know what I’ve done.  Here is the kicker.  In my professional life, I have always  landed positions I was not qualified for (not educated for other than on the job training) and gotten to do work I didn’t have a clue about and some of those jobs paid very well.  I’ve had jobs that paid very well and I thought, “This job is easy and they are paying me to do it”.   There have also been two times in my life when I did not have a “real” job for a year, during those times, God sent enough opportunities my way that I could get by (contracting jobs, catering jobs, part-time jobs).  He is awesome like that.  So anyone who thinks they don’t have time to serve at church…you really don’t have time NOT to serve.  Everything in your life will begin to align if you will align yourself with God’s plans for you.

The second thought I had during the message was about “Secret Giving”.  Pastor Robin has spoken about out motivation when it comes to giving.  There are many times when our motivation for giving is to 1) Control the situation or 2) get praise and “glory” for the give.  Some of the best “gives” are the ones we give in secret.  The ones we give with no expectation of glory or even a “say” in what the person does with the money.   During one of those times when I didn’t have a “real” job, someone sent me a card in the mail that included a $50 giftcard and that person didn’t even sign the card.  I really needed the money.  I still don’t know who sent me that gift card but I know they are blessed.  I want to give when no one is looking and no one will know who gave it.  I want to give when it isn’t expected…you know, meeting a friend for lunch and then paying for it when they weren’t really expecting it.

This week, I will be thinking of the secret give and who I can bless.  I think I may already have someone in mind.


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