When I was single I spent most of my money on fashion (beautiful shoes), socializing (dinner with friends) and sermon series by my favorite preachers.  Then I got married and I’ve only bought like two pair of really sexy awesome shoes…okay may three, we still eat dinner out but I haven’t bought a new sermon series in quiet a while. 

At one point, I connected with Bishop Tudor Bismark’s ministry and was working to help them put together a Summit in Mobile, Alabama.  This is actually a great idea, Bishop Bismark’s ministry will come into a community and have a Summit. They pay for it, they only ask for the support of local pastors to get the word out about the event.  The event is free (they take up an offering of course) to anyone who wants to attend.  I had the opportunity to attend one of these Summits in Dallas a few years ago.  They even had small day sessions when you could attend and ASK QUESTIONS.  The speakers were Bishop Tudor Bismark and Bishop Richard Heard (from Houston) .  And Israel and the New Breed did Praise and Worship one night.  So I met with someone from their ministry  because they wanted to have a Summit in Mobile.  This man was so nice, he provided with load of ministry resources from Bishop Bismark: CDs, DVDs and even a couple of books.  I veiwed that as one of the biggest blessings!  They did not end up doing a Summit in Mobile because the pastor they had connected with said Mobile wasn’t “Ready”.  I’m not sure he trusted a ministry who said, “We are going to come in, pay for everything, we just want the support of the pastors in the region.” 

Over the past two years, we have listened to Bishop Bismark CDs over and over.  If you read this blog, you’ve heard me quote some things he says.  Recently, we decided to start investing a little every month into resources.  Yesterday, I received in the mail, the newest series from Bishop Tudor Bismark! 

The series is called Covering.  So far we are on the second CD.  It’s good.  It is about all kinds of different coverings in our lives, pastorial covering, apostolic covering, and more. 

To check out more from Bishop Tudor Bismark click here.


2 thoughts on “Covering

  1. Hi there my brother in Christ Jesus.
    You might not me, but i enjoy reading your stuff. It bless me a lot, but i hunger for more.
    I am from Namibia, Windhoek, a young minister of the gospel, fulltime in ministry now for 5 years. I try to get more stuff of Bishop: Tudaor Bismark, like cds, dvds and books. Namibia have a very sort surply on Bishop: Tudor Bismark matirial.

    Can you please help me to get some good stuff? My email adress is:
    Please let me know?

    Sydney Jaftha

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