Oprah Banned Palin


From Time Magazine http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1840578,00.html

“…Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama in 2007 and said she would not have him or any other candidates on her show again until after the election. The Drudge Report ran a story that Oprah had “banned” Palin, although 1) Oprah had also de facto “banned” McCain, Joe Biden and Obama, and 2) it’s uncertain that Palin even wanted to be interviewed by Obama’s most famous backer. Nonetheless, it became a big story. Tom Brokaw asked whether Oprah’s decision was “élitist,” probably the first and last time the term will ever be applied to her show.”

So Oprah, the Queen of all things WOMAN doesn’t like Palin.  We may have to de-throne Oprah.


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