My Life in Technical Support


Here are a few tips on how to get the best technical support….

1. Realize that you may feel frustrated but the person with whom you are talking did not write the program, does not own the program, and is just trying to help you.

2. Do not call technical support every time you get an error message.  Wait, see if you get the same error again. 

3.  When you call, please have some specific information ready.  What program were you using?  What version of Windows are you running? Etc.  The more

4. If you call the same help desk/support line for the frequently, be nice.  If you are not nice, Support staff will not want to call you back.  Your issue may be put on the back burner.  Be the person everyone wants to help.

5. If you call the support desk everyday or have many calls open, you are either a) Complainers.  b) Over-reactors  or c) Have issues related to the environment you are running the program in.  Either way, support personnel will probably not want to call you back.

6. There are very few “Quick Questions”.

7. If someone from support calls you back about an issue, do not ask about five other issues you haven’t called them about.  And remember there are no “quick questions”. 

8.  We prefer you email us questions and issues.  We have to document the call anyway and copy and pasting is easier than typing up notes. Also, if you are asking a “How to” question, you get a documented answer.

9 Before you call us, check the  help menu and the Knowledge Base.  You  may find the answer there faster than I can type it. 

10.  Do not call a software support help desk to setup your server, printer, scanner, new computer or to make recommendations on such purchases.  Sure, we can provide you with system requirements and we can tell you how upgrade or install our software on your equipment but we are not here to provide primary IT support for your company.

11. Above all…remember…we are people… Do unto us and you would have others do to you.


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