Graham Cooke


On Friday night we headed out to Church of the Hills in Cedar Park to hear Graham Cooke.  That hour and fifteen minute drive through Austin was totally worth it!!  And thank you Church of the Hills for bringing in such a dynamic man of God.

Graham (he’s really not into titles – he lives in California these days and seem very laid back) spoke on personality vs. persona.  Personality being who we are to those around us; our outward self.  Persona being who we are in the heavens; who God says we are.  He said we must begin to listen to who God says that we are so much that we begin to manifest that in the physical.  There are so many things that we do and say that do not line up with who God says we are.

When God tells you who you are He does three things

  • Elevates your status
  • Gives you legal authority
  • Gives you permission to overcome

He used the Example of Gideon. (You can read the whole account in Judges 6)

God said three things to Gideon.
“The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor!” 
“Go in this might of yours, and you shall save Israel from the hand of the Midianites. Have I not sent you?” 
“Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man.”

He said too many people never say who God says they are…as if telling others who God says they are is prideful.  He says this is false humility and a spirit of religion.  We should be declaring everyday who God says we are. 

When David went out to meet Goliath, he walked on to the battle field knowing what God had already said about him.  Graham said, “David could have said to Goliath, ‘I got a word from Sam and he said I am going to be king.  I’m not king yet.  So today is not my day to die.  It sucks to be you.'”  The point is, live in the Word’s that have been declared over you.

As Christians we are not called to judge (not each other…only the enemy and his work).  We are called to be ambassasadors of reconciliation; reconciling others to Christ.  Accountability is not about judging others it is about reminding them who God says they are and that their actions are not aligning with who are they are called to me. 

Identity is a combination of your ccalling, your favor and your authority. 

Once God tells you who you are, you can only go forward in that.  God doesn’t listen to excuses.  Once He tells you who you are He will only speak to you in that persona.  When we give God excuses, the only response we will hear is the “N” word:  Nevertheless.

Graham Cooke wove a great message.  The Sunday message is  here on the Church of the Hills’ website.  Everyone who lives in the Austin area should listen to it, he gave a powerful word for the region.  Stay tuned…. we are reading his series on becoming a warrior.


4 thoughts on “Graham Cooke

  1. Llana

    Thanks for your great notes! We came from Bastrop for Sat. nights meeting and it was awesome.. I know that Graham’s mission to the US is breaking the religious spirit and Thank God!! We all need to know more about it’s operation.. Between listening to him and Bill Johnson, one can learn and demonstrate the Kingdom effectively..
    Will be looking for more from you.. Thankyou

  2. Barbara

    My husband and I flew into Austin to hear Graham Cooke at Church of the Hills. We were touched deeply by his teaching and revitalized in our spirits which keeps growing daily. We are believing for an outpuoring of this annoiting here in the Phx area. This was a totally “outrageous” time. WE have not been the same since our return!

  3. Another thing Graham said was once God tells you who you are, He will only speak you as that person. He doesn’t go back and speak you as the person you used to be.

    I love that God has expectations.

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