How long before you go to the Doctor?


Not feeling good today…my throat is on fire, my ears hurt…the roof of my mouth…please pray, send soup…help (faded whisper). 

Why is it when we get a cold or flu we just feel like we are dying?  What is up with that?

Everytime I start working out, I get sick.  Seriously.  We decided to start getting fit.  We are meeting with Jeannette this evening.  She is going to help us.  And I am miserably sick.  At least this will pass in a few days.  Oh, yeah, I am suppose to go out of town this weekend.  I hate sleeping away from home when I don’t feel good.  Actually, I just want to be in my bed when I am sick. 

My throat is hurting so I ate two breakfast tacos this morning and I’m still working on some orange juice.  It makes my throat feel better but now my stomach is kind of grossed out.  Too much intake.  Dennis made me a hot lemonade this morning.  How I long for coffee (which the milk is not good for my throat).  Hot lemonade is Dennis home remedy for a cold. 

I took  a NyQuil last night and could barely wake up this morning.  Seriously…I could barely roll out of bed.

Does anything in this post make sense?  It seems a little random to me.

So how long do I wait before I go to the doctor?


6 thoughts on “How long before you go to the Doctor?

  1. Epiphany, when you have a sour throat, milk products can increase the mucus…oranage juice is much better cuts through the crud.

    I wasted $4 on a coffee this morning, barely touched it.

  2. jrf0112

    Sounds like you are miserable and I know that feeling. Hope you are doing better today. The doctor would only tell you to take tylenol and push fluids so it sounds like you are on the right track with the oj.

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